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Visit to Ta Prohm temple Cambodia   2 comments

Ta Prohm  seemed to be one of the most popular temples  in Cambodia, probably the most crowded of all the Temples. It was very warm when we got there at around 9.30am. My advice would be to go early in the day.  These photos were all taken with my Fuji X100




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Red road school Kampot Cambodia   2 comments

All of these photos were taken on a trip to Cambodia recently, all taken with a Fuji X100. This particular school my niece helped with the building as a volunteer a few years ago, when she left it was not yet being used but on return we see that the children love school. The young teacher is still at high school himself   What western children take for granted these children never had. They seem to love learning.


_DSF6425 _DSF6431-Edit _DSF6433 _DSF6438-Edit _DSF6439 _DSF6449-Edit _DSF6453 _DSF6454-Edit _DSF6458 _DSF6460-Edit _DSF6468 _DSF6471-Edit _DSF6473 _DSF6478-Edit _DSF6480-Edit _DSF6482 _DSF6483-Edit _DSF6484-Edit _DSF6488 _DSF6492 _DSF6494-Edit _DSF6496 _DSF6499 _DSF6506-Edit _DSF6507 _DSF6513 _DSF6515-Edit

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Winter days   3 comments

Its been cold lately with quite a few rainy days, I try to get out daily. Take a few photos here and there. There are always times when the light is good.  I guess I’m lucky that I live where I do. always some great spots to photograph around town. I am looking forward to warmer sunny days though.


_H7A1938_H7A20221august17_021august17_031august17_041august17_051august17_061august17_081august17_101august17_11-Edit1august17_131august17_15-Edit1august17_16-Edit1august17_17-Edit13th july17--4

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Fuji X100: Six years on   2 comments

Had this little gem of a camera for almost six years now. It has traveled overseas, been bumped and dropped, still keeps producing the goods every time I use it. Every time Ive it taken out as my only camera I have still managed to get shots I probably would not have if Id taken my DSLR. There have been a few times when Ive thought I should  upgrade it to the X100s/X100T or the new X100F but Ive never seen a good enough reason. Ive also considered selling it to finance a mirror-less camera that has interchangeable lenses however  the way I see it  is thats what my DSLR is for.  So until it decides to die on me I think it will still be my go anywhere camera along with the little point and shoot  with zoom ability X10. Below are a few X100 shots  taken this year.


story of wool vancouver fair 2017_15-Edit

story of wool party-4890

June 4th 2017_X100-4651-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_23

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_20-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_17-Edit-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_16-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_07

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_06-Edit-Edit




8th march 17 Garrison Cafe forts_07

11-1-2017 (2 of 32)

22ndjan2017 (56 of 62)

22ndjan2017 (56 of 66)-Edit

8th march 17  Garrison Cafe forts_04.jpg

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Sydney or the bush   Leave a comment

A little sideshow act at our local agricultural show. Its all about the Aussie history from the past using animals to tell the story



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Spring : Baby bird time   4 comments

Today I noticed my cat was going crazy at the window so I went and took a look and a tiny silvereye just out of the nest must have hit our window. My cat is indoor only mainly to protect herself and the wildlife, this little guy was being taught to fly by two adults that were with him. The first shot was taken from inside


He would hang off the brickwork with the adults cheeping madly at him



He fell off the bricks and into the flowers and got stuck, I wanted to try and pick him up and put him with the parents but it was only stressing all of them so I let nature take its course


Mum just kept cheeping away encouraging him


when he got out of the flowers he ended up back on the wall and with a bit more encouragement tried to fly again


Ended up right where he started and my cat got a second viewing but finally ended up flying to where the adults were and got out of my yard



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A few birds   Leave a comment

some recent bird shots. Taken with 7DII and tamron 150-600 lens


Denmark July 18_2016_005-2 Denmark July 18_2016_017-2 Denmark July 18_2016_018-2 Denmark July 18_2016_052-2 Denmark July 18_2016_055-2 Denmark July 18_2016_062-2

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