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I live in the beautiful south coastal town of Albany in western australia and photography is my passion, its fortunate I live where I do as it is one of the most scenic areas on earth with amazing beaches and Islands just off the coastline and we are surrounded by amazing mountains, Forests, dairy-land and farmland all within less than an hours drive from here. I have had a camera in my hands since aged 13 when my father gave me a small agfa Instamatic. I have no formal photographic training, I just try to take candid, spontaneous and natural photos and hope that people will look at them and see something in them they like. I do weddings part-time but I love taking scenic, animals and  natural children’s  photos above all else.

I use Canon cameras and lenses and love digital and will never go back to film

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Posted July 16, 2010 by juliehollandphotography

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  1. I can’t access any photos of yours on here Julie….. (nor any that I put on my blogpage.) I can look at Deborah’s, my daughters, ok, so what am I doing wrong ?????

  2. Dear Julie

    Jarrod and I will get married in Albany on the 13 September. It will be a simple ceremony with just the two of us and both of us don’t like to be photographed 😉 Nevertheless, we would like to have some pictures of this unique day!

    We got your address from our civil celebrant and I just wanted to know what services you are offering and what would be the price for them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


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