Red road school Kampot Cambodia   2 comments

All of these photos were taken on a trip to Cambodia recently, all taken with a Fuji X100. This particular school my niece helped with the building as a volunteer a few years ago, when she left it was not yet being used but on return we see that the children love school. The young teacher is still at high school himself   What western children take for granted these children never had. They seem to love learning.


_DSF6425 _DSF6431-Edit _DSF6433 _DSF6438-Edit _DSF6439 _DSF6449-Edit _DSF6453 _DSF6454-Edit _DSF6458 _DSF6460-Edit _DSF6468 _DSF6471-Edit _DSF6473 _DSF6478-Edit _DSF6480-Edit _DSF6482 _DSF6483-Edit _DSF6484-Edit _DSF6488 _DSF6492 _DSF6494-Edit _DSF6496 _DSF6499 _DSF6506-Edit _DSF6507 _DSF6513 _DSF6515-Edit


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  1. Wonderful Julie

  2. Thanks Malcolm

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