Fuji X100: Six years on   2 comments

Had this little gem of a camera for almost six years now. It has traveled overseas, been bumped and dropped, still keeps producing the goods every time I use it. Every time Ive it taken out as my only camera I have still managed to get shots I probably would not have if Id taken my DSLR. There have been a few times when Ive thought I should  upgrade it to the X100s/X100T or the new X100F but Ive never seen a good enough reason. Ive also considered selling it to finance a mirror-less camera that has interchangeable lenses however  the way I see it  is thats what my DSLR is for.  So until it decides to die on me I think it will still be my go anywhere camera along with the little point and shoot  with zoom ability X10. Below are a few X100 shots  taken this year.


story of wool vancouver fair 2017_15-Edit

story of wool party-4890

June 4th 2017_X100-4651-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_23

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_20-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_17-Edit-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_16-Edit

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_07

acewalk 2-7-17 woolen mills building_06-Edit-Edit




8th march 17 Garrison Cafe forts_07

11-1-2017 (2 of 32)

22ndjan2017 (56 of 62)

22ndjan2017 (56 of 66)-Edit

8th march 17  Garrison Cafe forts_04.jpg


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2 responses to “Fuji X100: Six years on

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  1. Some great images there Julie

  2. Thanks Chris

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