weekend at the Stirling Range   2 comments

I spent some time with some fellow photographers out at the Stirling’s last weekend. Its less than an hours drive from my place  yet I’m still in awe of the place even after all the years Ive been going there. Beautiful and pristine the Stirling Range near Albany is famous for its colourful wildflowers, bush walking and camping, its home to one of Western Australia’s highest peaks, Bluff Knoll, which rises more than a kilometre into the air. The photos of the Knoll were taken from the car park, there  is plenty of bird-life out there too.


click on each photo to see full sized





25889028584_a46f02f7c5_o stirlingrangeapril16_106 stirlingrangeapril16_107 stirlingrangeapril16_109 stirlingrangeapril16_146_filtered-Edit stirlingrangeapril16_148 stirlingrangeapril16_159_filtered-Edit-2 stirlingrangeapril16_181 stirlingrangeapril16_202 stirlings april16_37 stirlings april16_67 stirlings april16_70


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2 responses to “weekend at the Stirling Range

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  1. So it wasn’t the best weekend to be out there, crappy light. Love the one with the mist sliding around the rocks!

  2. not too bad, I only went out for the one night which was nice

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