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Today I was lucky enough to get a lot of good shots of osprey, flying, eating and just being osprey. The area is the kalgan river in Albany (western Australia) I normally see terns and ducks there more often than not but today it was mainly this pair  fishing and eating. I sat and watched them for ages, its time consuming but sometimes its worth it.  sometimes its all about patience and persistence. I had some shots Id taken at distance and was wondering how long they would hang around  but was amazed when they landed within just a few metres of me and watched me. The close ups are uncropped, shot at between 350mm and 500mm, I actually had to zoom in to get them all in the shot, amazing. They only left when they heard voices coming down the walk track.  I am reasonably pleased with these shots, they could be better, maybe not so grainy but I’m just happy to have got them

osprey july 16th 2015_001_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_009_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_013_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_022_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_024_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_035_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_040_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_043_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_079 osprey july 16th 2015_106 osprey july 16th 2015_124 osprey july 16th 2015_134 osprey july 16th 2015_188 osprey july 16th 2015_194 osprey july 16th 2015_196

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