Albany Urban downhill Jump competition   2 comments

Please click on image to see Large size. Last night I decided to go take a look at the jump competition in town. The big race down the hill in Albany is held today. The jumps comp is pretty awesome. Lots of oohs and ahhhs  when they would fall. No-one was hurt.  I got there late and did not have a great spot, lots of my shots show the pole in the wrong place but considering that situation I cant complain at the shots Ive managed to get. Very much  out of my comfort zone with these Urbandownhillbikejump_013 Urbandownhillbikejump_021 Urbandownhillbikejump_029 Urbandownhillbikejump_115 Urbandownhillbikejump_119 Urbandownhillbikejump_122 Urbandownhillbikejump_141 Urbandownhillbikejump_144 Urbandownhillbikejump_150 Urbandownhillbikejump_169 Urbandownhillbikejump_180 Urbandownhillbikejump_181 Urbandownhillbikejump_182 Urbandownhillbikejump_197 Urbandownhillbikejump_201 Urbandownhillbikejump_205 Urbandownhillbikejump_206 Urbandownhillbikejump_207 Urbandownhillbikejump_208 Urbandownhillbikejump_209 Urbandownhillbikejump_210 Urbandownhillbikejump_211 Urbandownhillbikejump_212 Urbandownhillbikejump_213

Posted May 24, 2015 by juliehollandphotography in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Albany Urban downhill Jump competition

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  1. you must have a big ISO and fast shutter speed, it was very dark! some great images here, Julie!

  2. Thanks, yes ISO 5000 and shutter speed around 2000, took a while to sort out the settings to be getting decent shots without flash

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