Wagin Woolarama Rodeo   Leave a comment

Had the pleasure of photographing this event, love the action, amazing riders, so brave, or crazy, either way it makes for some amazing action captures

RODEO_2015_006 RODEO_2015_009 RODEO_2015_012 RODEO_2015_019 RODEO_2015_021 RODEO_2015_025 RODEO_2015_026 RODEO_2015_029 RODEO_2015_030 RODEO_2015_040 RODEO_2015_042 RODEO_2015_045 RODEO_2015_051 RODEO_2015_056 RODEO_2015_058 RODEO_2015_065 RODEO_2015_073 RODEO_2015_076 RODEO_2015_077 RODEO_2015_088 RODEO_2015_092 RODEO_2015_094 RODEO_2015_100 RODEO_2015_103 RODEO_2015_105 RODEO_2015_107 RODEO_2015_108 RODEO_2015_109 RODEO_2015_112 RODEO_2015_114 RODEO_2015_117 RODEO_2015_122 RODEO_2015_126 RODEO_2015_127 RODEO_2015_129 RODEO_2015_134 RODEO_2015_136 RODEO_2015_138 RODEO_2015_139 RODEO_2015_141 RODEO_2015_143 RODEO_2015_145

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