Gothic witch photoshoot   Leave a comment

This was something new for me, I met up with a group of like minded photographers yesterday to do this shoot. The three girls turned up looking quite awesome in their cstumes with great makeup applied. We walked down to the river to do the photos. We had one photographer fall in (camera was fine) and one model got bitten by a bull ant but in the end the shots all came up pretty good.  Most of my shots have limited editing but there are three that i worked on to be more digital art

1614234_910088422359219_6982653685978161533_o 1654973_910088365692558_7132921096929581927_o 1941545_910132449021483_5279633539520065118_o 10911291_910088322359229_1095249521017844550_o 10918916_910088379025890_3637994641761623007_o 10919435_910132429021485_2548505501494607259_o 16121461138_60573bce0e_o witches_026-2-Edit witches_059-Edit witches_078-Edit-Edit witches_127-Edit-2 witches_143-2-Edit

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