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Looking back, 2014 had its ups and downs. As far as photography goes its been an interesting year. I joined the Albany film users group and have come back to film photography is a small way. I became involved with the big ANZAC project for Albany which also resulted in meeting some nice people, doing vintage style shoots, getting involved with the Light-horse association, seeing my photos projected onto huge buildings, writing poetry of all things. And some lovely weddings.  In June I had some photos that made the finals in click-west and one came in 3rd in the portrait section which was amazing.  I have still not really found a real love of any particular subject, going from wildlife to portraits to landscapes and buildings a lot. I still find my boredom level sticking to one genre is high and i don’t think i will ever be one of those photographers that do just one subject.  The best thing has been meeting other photographers of all kinds, we all have that passion in the end so its nice to chat with others with the same love of photography.  Going through all the photos Ive taken in 2014 has been hard to pick favorites but here a a few and they all are photos i love for different reasons. to see large just click on each photo.  And 2015 is hopefully going to be a great year all round. 12813596173_20d63dcf79_o  1965036_640285339383175_8702870416915803627_n  13126979934_e48267599a_o 13611780434_9872d1db3b_o 14481084005_d58952744a_o 15051687885_d0f7f0de6a_o 15202526696_958bf58269_o 15234415356_e700f12cd9_o 15450113826_91e5b80627_o 15457059360_668b4499cf_o 15809083065_fd07ae8aa1_o 10887091_746422492102792_8572906529119140597_o 10869394_739736339438074_6725990660389929845_o 10841883_740221202722921_1137707734407512084_o 10838190_731723866905988_6187387861957555042_o 10818471_737590966319278_3924665270229687477_o 10750205_744409548970753_8098611813360571336_o 10750104_739396489472059_8030769788824962178_o 10714019_746597665418608_779831730248729960_o 10710364_713519645393077_427951241805510240_o 10694491_713285378749837_5785217495091120159_o 10694218_713285485416493_1834382301394269914_o 10636428_732090553535986_5863972444877663844_o 10626467_704497146295327_3910579720082888885_n 10527641_657483660996676_7963576224503424501_n 10492522_687064918038550_5788900878570632900_n 10433154_671243876287321_8367334076107440856_n 10432936_659697670775275_4830842722788255881_n 10411987_640801599331549_5222372763148978158_n 10382613_727369260674782_3142876598659026740_o 10379817_706308056114236_5402086123459398450_o 10373848_640285832716459_4721682448258375085_n 10356027_667265240018518_2881175204714469487_n 10257636_700344686710573_3750799949264930628_o 10245274_640801465998229_3775983070876186157_n 10171820_628642880547421_7352553606996360343_n 10155543_635464206531955_4912293397504846374_n 10152673_614988525246190_4432959432067800615_n 1982136_608264549251921_1160972440_n  1939915_604539676291075_869786925_n 1800257_586997178045325_1647952879_n 1601806_697502593661449_1245696761896999605_o 1546034_581485668596476_374515084_n 1530332_575435925868117_761177268_n 1501334_747686295309745_8949768188064686883_o 1016193_582785481799828_1508758276_n 1011259_595084570569919_782373881_n 970893_631886500223059_5865473713623985383_n

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