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Thought Id better get back into my blog which has been neglected for some time . Below are a few shots Ive taken. I am hoping to update more often than I have been recently. To see larger versions, click on each image………………

sea eagle__25 1D3_13-1-14_26-2 1D3_2021 1D3_swallows_04 2-1-14_19 2-1-14_62 2H7A0703 2H7A4732_2 2H7A4963 2H7A6012-2 2H7A8500-Edit 3-4-14_04 5-8-14sunrise_36 5-11-14_8 6-8-14morning_08 7D_24-12-13_13-2 7DJ_0339 7DJ_1609 7DJ_8012-Edit-2 7DJ_9049-Edit 7dtamronshots_5-2 9ugust14_05 10-5-14_17 13-2-14_03 13-2-14_09 18-3-14_06 21-3-14_4 21-4-14_12-2 28-9-14 APS stirlings_01 30-6-14_13 31-1-14_060 dolphins_3 honeyeaters july3_14_6 maggie1 redtail Black cockatoo_10

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