Nannup Tulip town   Leave a comment

Beautiful little town down in the south of western Australia.  Click on each photo to see large


2H7A0933 2H7A0956 2H7A0960 2H7A2935 2H7A2951 2H7A2958 2H7A2972 2H7A2980 2H7A2990 2H7A2995 2H7A3001 2H7A3004 2H7A3012 2H7A3017 2H7A3027

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Osprey   Leave a comment

Please click on image to see Large size

Today I was lucky enough to get a lot of good shots of osprey, flying, eating and just being osprey. The area is the kalgan river in Albany (western Australia) I normally see terns and ducks there more often than not but today it was mainly this pair  fishing and eating. I sat and watched them for ages, its time consuming but sometimes its worth it.  sometimes its all about patience and persistence. I had some shots Id taken at distance and was wondering how long they would hang around  but was amazed when they landed within just a few metres of me and watched me. The close ups are uncropped, shot at between 350mm and 500mm, I actually had to zoom in to get them all in the shot, amazing. They only left when they heard voices coming down the walk track.  I am reasonably pleased with these shots, they could be better, maybe not so grainy but I’m just happy to have got them

osprey july 16th 2015_001_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_009_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_013_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_022_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_024_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_035_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_040_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_043_filtered osprey july 16th 2015_079 osprey july 16th 2015_106 osprey july 16th 2015_124 osprey july 16th 2015_134 osprey july 16th 2015_188 osprey july 16th 2015_194 osprey july 16th 2015_196

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Albany Urban downhill Race day   Leave a comment

(Please click on individual photos to see large versions) The bikes were flying down the hill from the top of mount Clarence today,   jumps, old cars etc were part of the route, plenty of spectators enjoying great weather. A bit hard to get the prime spots photography wise but I got plenty of shots of the bikes and the people.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Albany Urban Race day 2015_006 Albany Urban Race day 2015_013 Albany Urban Race day 2015_014 Albany Urban Race day 2015_016 Albany Urban Race day 2015_019 Albany Urban Race day 2015_022 Albany Urban Race day 2015_044 Albany Urban Race day 2015_047 Albany Urban Race day 2015_077 Albany Urban Race day 2015_091 Albany Urban Race day 2015_102 Albany Urban Race day 2015_136 Albany Urban Race day 2015_143 Albany Urban Race day 2015_163 Albany Urban Race day 2015_191 Albany Urban Race day 2015_203 Albany Urban Race day 2015_214 Albany Urban Race day 2015_233 Albany Urban Race day 2015_253 Albany Urban Race day 2015_350 Albany Urban Race day 2015_373 Albany Urban Race day 2015_383 Albany Urban Race day 2015_390 Albany Urban Race day 2015_396

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Albany Urban downhill Jump competition   2 comments

Please click on image to see Large size. Last night I decided to go take a look at the jump competition in town. The big race down the hill in Albany is held today. The jumps comp is pretty awesome. Lots of oohs and ahhhs  when they would fall. No-one was hurt.  I got there late and did not have a great spot, lots of my shots show the pole in the wrong place but considering that situation I cant complain at the shots Ive managed to get. Very much  out of my comfort zone with these Urbandownhillbikejump_013 Urbandownhillbikejump_021 Urbandownhillbikejump_029 Urbandownhillbikejump_115 Urbandownhillbikejump_119 Urbandownhillbikejump_122 Urbandownhillbikejump_141 Urbandownhillbikejump_144 Urbandownhillbikejump_150 Urbandownhillbikejump_169 Urbandownhillbikejump_180 Urbandownhillbikejump_181 Urbandownhillbikejump_182 Urbandownhillbikejump_197 Urbandownhillbikejump_201 Urbandownhillbikejump_205 Urbandownhillbikejump_206 Urbandownhillbikejump_207 Urbandownhillbikejump_208 Urbandownhillbikejump_209 Urbandownhillbikejump_210 Urbandownhillbikejump_211 Urbandownhillbikejump_212 Urbandownhillbikejump_213

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Days gone by   Leave a comment

Old cars at a car show last weekendcars and coffee 15march15_003 cars and coffee 15march15_121 cars and coffee 15march15_121-Edit cars and coffee 15march15_134 cars and coffee 15march15_134-Edit cars and coffee 15march15_137 cars and coffee 15march15_137-Edit cars and coffee 15march15_140 cars and coffee 15march15_140-Edit cars and coffee 15march15_141-Edit

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Wagin Woolarama Rodeo   Leave a comment

Had the pleasure of photographing this event, love the action, amazing riders, so brave, or crazy, either way it makes for some amazing action captures

RODEO_2015_006 RODEO_2015_009 RODEO_2015_012 RODEO_2015_019 RODEO_2015_021 RODEO_2015_025 RODEO_2015_026 RODEO_2015_029 RODEO_2015_030 RODEO_2015_040 RODEO_2015_042 RODEO_2015_045 RODEO_2015_051 RODEO_2015_056 RODEO_2015_058 RODEO_2015_065 RODEO_2015_073 RODEO_2015_076 RODEO_2015_077 RODEO_2015_088 RODEO_2015_092 RODEO_2015_094 RODEO_2015_100 RODEO_2015_103 RODEO_2015_105 RODEO_2015_107 RODEO_2015_108 RODEO_2015_109 RODEO_2015_112 RODEO_2015_114 RODEO_2015_117 RODEO_2015_122 RODEO_2015_126 RODEO_2015_127 RODEO_2015_129 RODEO_2015_134 RODEO_2015_136 RODEO_2015_138 RODEO_2015_139 RODEO_2015_141 RODEO_2015_143 RODEO_2015_145

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Visit to Perth Zoo   Leave a comment

Took a trip up to the city last weekend and visited the zoo. spent quite a few hours lugging my 5DIII and Tamron 150-600 around, but it was worth it

blog_1 blog_2_1 blog_3 blogg blogs_1 blogs_2 blogs_3 blogs_4 blogs_5 blogs_6 blogs_7 blogs_8 blogs_9 perthzoo_32 perthzoo_44 perthzoo_45 perthzoo_46 perthzoo_47 zoo_043 zoo_076 zoo_095 zoo_098 zoo_185

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