Ravens are my favourite Bird   Leave a comment

I love Ravens and Crows, they are so smart. Black birds have always intrigued me since I was a child. Often used in scary stories and movies,  I think they have always been unfairly judged.




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Silver-eyes   2 comments

My yard is full of birds, I get a lot of honey-eaters, magpies, doves, parrots and lately a lot of these tiny little silver-eyes. They are attracted to the trees on our fence-line, especially the one with the lovely red flowers (a new Zealand Christmas tree) . Our landlord has subdivided and is building  a house behind us and the drive way will be getting enlarged so some of the trees along the fence will probably have to go. It is my great hope that the new Zealand Christmas tree (which is quite big) will stay. I certainly hope so anyway. These are photos I have taken in the last week of the silver-eyes who frequent the tree. Photos were taken with a canon 7DII and 5DIII,  lenses used are Tamron 150-600 and a canon 70-200F4














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2018 update   2 comments

Its been a while since I posted in my blog, I have gone through and deleted some posts with the plan of keeping this blog solely about nature landscapes & wildlife. This year has been difficult with dealing with family having injuries and myself having surgery that has put me out of action photography wise for some time. It has however given me time to sort through images on my computer and go through my online sites.  Hopefully in the next few months I will be back to heading out into nature and photographing more wildlife etc.  But here are a few shots I have taken this year.




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Spring : Baby bird time   4 comments

Today I noticed my cat was going crazy at the window so I went and took a look and a tiny silvereye just out of the nest must have hit our window. My cat is indoor only mainly to protect herself and the wildlife, this little guy was being taught to fly by two adults that were with him. The first shot was taken from inside


He would hang off the brickwork with the adults cheeping madly at him



He fell off the bricks and into the flowers and got stuck, I wanted to try and pick him up and put him with the parents but it was only stressing all of them so I let nature take its course


Mum just kept cheeping away encouraging him


when he got out of the flowers he ended up back on the wall and with a bit more encouragement tried to fly again


Ended up right where he started and my cat got a second viewing but finally ended up flying to where the adults were and got out of my yard



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A few birds   Leave a comment

some recent bird shots. Taken with 7DII and tamron 150-600 lens


Denmark July 18_2016_005-2 Denmark July 18_2016_017-2 Denmark July 18_2016_018-2 Denmark July 18_2016_052-2 Denmark July 18_2016_055-2 Denmark July 18_2016_062-2

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Cockatoos in flight   Leave a comment

                                                Black cockatoos




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Osprey   Leave a comment

This week I’m adding a series of photos,   ospreys are such amazing birds



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