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I spent some time with some fellow photographers out at the Stirling’s last weekend. Its less than an hours drive from my place  yet I’m still in awe of the place even after all the years Ive been going there. Beautiful and pristine the Stirling Range near Albany is famous for its colourful wildflowers, bush walking and camping, its home to one of Western Australia’s highest peaks, Bluff Knoll, which rises more than a kilometre into the air. The photos of the Knoll were taken from the car park, there  is plenty of bird-life out there too.


click on each photo to see full sized





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Porongurup Western Australia   Leave a comment

I live about 30 minutes from this area that has some amazing wineries and scenery. I was out there last weekend with some friends taking photos. The wineries there have some world class wine which we enjoyed tasting. Place is a photographers paradise although way nicer in the cooler weather.

Porongurup is the name of the small mountain range there and of a small town/village on the northern slopes of the range.
Here are some images from my visit (click on each individual photo to see large)

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scenes from before and after a wedding   Leave a comment

Last weekend I photographed a wedding, for me the wedding itself is lovely but before the wedding and afterwards is where I find the photos can be interesting. Before you have all the getting ready, organising flowers, makeup, hair, jewelry and all the nervousness that goes with it for the bride. After the wedding you often have the guests milling around and children being children, its never boring. These are some from the wedding last weekend (click on each individual image to see larger)


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Some landscapes and a change of direction   Leave a comment

So i had good intentions of getting out and about and shooting 52 mono wildlife shots this year but have had a change of mind. I notice i dont actually write enough on my blogs so I think its pretty boring for the viewer. So Im going to try and post a more diverse range of photos and descriptions of the kind of photos I take. This first batch are only a few weeks ago. I planned to catch the sunset out over  at Sandpatch where our local windfarm is. It is one of the best places in Albany to catch a sunset. It seems as if every time I go out to do this Im rushed and only just get there in time. This time was the same, I hobbled down the path (ankle issues) and made it in time to capture this lovely colour. At the time there were many fires in the southwest and the smoke added to the colour I believe. anyway here are the shots I took.





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Cockatoos in flight   Leave a comment

                                                Black cockatoos




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Osprey   Leave a comment

This week I’m adding a series of photos,   ospreys are such amazing birds



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Ravens   2 comments

I love how these ravens seem to synchronize with each otherPicMonkey Collage

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