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This morning I headed out to rushy point. Its on the harbour, about a five minute drive from my home. You walk through the scrub for about five minutes and you come to a bird hide, the point is right in front of the hide. Right now the water levels are lower and the birds are a little further out so I just walk out to them. They move away but settle again once they get used to you being there. today there were plenty of birds, pelicans, seagulls, oyster catchers, stints cormorants, darters and a lot of terns. watching the behavior of the terns amuses me. They will catch a fish then start screaming about it drawing attention to themselves and more terns then chase them trying to get the meal they worked for. Today I finally got some shots of terns with the fish which I’m pretty happy with given the speed they fly at. standing out on the flats alone I can look across the harbour to see town or look left and see the windmills that overlook the great southern ocean, nothing like the peace of nature. These were taken with the 1DIII, I plan to get back with my 7D and get closer shots in flight. I took the 5DIII out a couple of weeks ago and got some nice shots although nothing as good in flight as these and not close enough.














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Posted February 19, 2014 by juliehollandphotography in Uncategorized

4 responses to “Terns

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  1. some great images of that Tern being chased around the harbour. What a nice morning you’ve had!

  2. thanks Andrea, was amazed I got the shots in flight

  3. Fantastic images Julie!

  4. Thanks Kim

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