A day out with a fuji X100 and a film camera   2 comments

Today I was with a group of budding film camera enthusiasts wandering around a car wrecking yard. I was using a film camera for the first time in many years. Trying to remember the way I used to shoot B/W, looking for the contrasts etc. I also took my fuji x100 to use as a guide to how the photos will look,. Id set the fuji to jpeg and look through the electronic viewfinder with it set to B/W mode. This gave me an idea of how the photos could possibly look. I will be interested to see what I have managed on film given that its been a long time and Ive been spoiled by digital.

The X100 is the only camera I can guarantee good results in jpeg mode. I had it set today mainly in either B/W red filter mode or in velvia with a bump up in saturation. The fact that I am looking at exactly what I will get through the viewfinder and the camera has a built in ND filter and I just have to keep dialing the exposure up and down i can see the results before I even press the shutter button. Never ceases to amaze me the way this camera renders blues and reds, so here are some shots taken today with my fuji X100. Most have had no more than straightening and cropping and levels done to them.

velvia mode















These last few were taken in town, had a nice coffee and a wander around our historic area

This first shot was straight out of the camera on standard B/W mode, no changes at all


you can see what i mean about the way this camera renders the blues and reddish colours


B/W with red filter applied


This one I actually have applied an aging filter on, I like the effect of the peeling paints and the old wood


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2 responses to “A day out with a fuji X100 and a film camera

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  1. certainly great results Julie…. e.g. the basin in my little digital is completely blown out, I do wish I had taken the Panasonic instead of the cheapie. Next time!

  2. Thanks Andrea

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