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Last weekend Myself and some other photography club friends stayed at Misty valley views bed and breakfast. I felt I have to give this accommodation  a thumbs up. we were spoilt from the minute we got there with home cooked afternoon tea, scones and jam and cream. The place was large, very clean and comfortable with a homey feel to it and the tile fire always burning so we kept nice and warm. The beds were really comfortable and the electric blankets worked really fast. The scenery around the place is stunning at sunrise with a floating mist/fog that surrounds the place.  I was up early the first morning to capture this and out late in the evening to capture star shot as the skies were very clear and dark. I would definitely go back there again.  This B&B is at Mullalyup near Balingup in Western Australia’s south west corner. If you are reading this and want to know more  just Google Misty valley views Mullalyup western Australia. Anyway here are a few photos I took all near the house. Click on a photo to see large



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Balingup Medieval Carnival   2 comments

Recently I drove around the south west corner of western Australia and ended up in an amazing little town called Balingup where every year they hold a medieval carnival.  The town is full of visitors and overflows with color and merriment .  These are a few of my photos taken over the weekend. 


2H7A0683 2H7A0703 2H7A0770 2H7A0847 2H7A0969-2 2H7A0981-Edit 2H7A1049-Edit 2H7A1060 2H7A1063 2H7A1070 2H7A1091 2H7A1098 2H7A1124-Edit 2H7A1143 2H7A1148 2H7A1159-Edit 2H7A1210-Edit 2H7A1514 2H7A1527 2H7A1532 2H7A1720


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From a recent wedding   2 comments

A recent beach wedding.  Not sure I like the way the blog is showing my posts which is why I have not posted for a while


2H7A3550 2H7A3481

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sea eagle photos   Leave a comment

After months of seeing the eagles sailing past me when most time I either had the wrong camera, wrong lens or the conditions did not suit, the bird was too far off etc. today I finally got these photos. taken with my 5DIII and 100-400L. I was walking along the usual haunt looking out for raptors as there have been a few around lately when I saw him coming, he was reasonably close and circled around three times swooping down behind the scrub as he obviously had some prey in sight. I’m pretty happy with these shots, all that’s been done is levels and cropping and a couple have had some sharpening applied but that’s it. well to say I’m pretty happy is an understatement. see below and click to see large

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sea eagle   4 comments

sea eagle__08 sea eagle__09 sea eagle__12 sea eagle__14 sea eagle__18 sea eagle__23 sea eagle__24 sea eagle__26 sea eagle__27

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Kangaroos   2 comments

Took these on the way home from work yesterday, getting dark at the time but just bumped up the ISO. I have found the best way to get shots of kangaroos is to pull up roadside with yourself in drivers seat and an empty passenger seat closest to them. don’t get out, use a longer lens and they often are inquisitive of the sound of the camera shutter





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Mono….I love it   Leave a comment

I dont know why it appeals to me so much, maybe because there is not colour distraction, I love the way old wood looks in B/W. Portraits always look good in B/W to me as well. just a few shots here that I like as mono rather than colour

The Lily canon 5D2 and 17-40L lens

canon 5D2

canon 5DIII and 100-400 lens, the next three shots of a run down home or barn




canon 5D2 and 17-40L lens


beautiful roots canon 1DIII and 24-70L lens


2 candids of my granddaughter canon 5DIII and 50 F1.4 lens


street photography with my fuji X100

and an old one, taken with my canon 5D classic


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